A 6-caliber 1911 Platform – Yes, Really

    Terry Tussey of Tussey Custom, who is known for his impressive custom work, has apparently come up with an interesting new handgun: a 1911 capable of six calibers. The project took years from start to finish, and in the end Tussey decided to go with .22LR, .38 Special, 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .45 ACP as the calibers of choice. He’d originally considered including 10mm but decided to stop at six, which is more than enough, to say the least. So how is this possible?


    Tussey had to create the barrels and slides necessary for each caliber capable of fitting the same 1911 frame, a process that proved to be a challenge. One other angle that proved challenging was the recoil springs, so Tussey includes extra springs so they can be changed out as needed depending not only on the caliber but on the ammunition being fired. It’s an intensive, extensive complete set, and one worth taking a look at if for no other reason than its innovation.

    All these calibers do not come cheap, though. Apparently the price of a complete build on a Caspian frame is currently estimated at $4999 for the first caliber with an additional $500 for each caliber that fits that initial slide. Slide and barrel sets for the initial frame would be an extra $1200.

    Roy Huntington over at American Handgunner was able to test the entire six-caliber set and wrote up a review, which you can read at: http://americanhandgunner.com/six-calibers-in-one-tussey-multi-caliber/

    Visit Tussey’s website at: www.tusseycustom.com/

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