Oakley SI and 3-Gun Nation

    Oakley Standard Issue is the official eye wear of 3-Gun Nation. They are using Oakley’s Prizm lenses.

    Oakley Prizm Shooting Lenses

    3-Gun Nation and Oakley Standard Issue have announced a landmark partnership for the 2015 season. Oakley Standard Issue, a division of Oakley, will work closely with 3-Gun Nation (3GN) to promote 3GN athletes and competitions nationwide as the official eyewear of 3-Gun Nation.

    No stranger to the competition shooting market, Oakley has been actively involved in supporting several matches over the last few years.  However, the growth of 3-Gun Nation has proven shooting sports to be an even greater marketing medium for corporate sponsors such as Oakley.

    “We are proud to have supported various competitive shooting events and multi-gun athletes over the years,” said Dane Howell, Oakley Commercial Sales Manager. “3-Gun Nation has done a fantastic job, as an organization, to legitimize 3-Gun shooting as a professional sport. Their groundbreaking efforts and outreach have given Oakley an opportunity to promote our products to a broad audience in this market, and we’re excited for what the future holds for 3-Gun.”

    Oakley Standard Issue will be heavily involved in the 2015 3-Gun Nation Regional Series, presented by Remington Outdoor Company. Prize tables will receive donations of Oakley’s new line of protective eyewear. Each Regional Championship will feature products contributed by Oakley, and representatives will be onsite to display at the 3-Gun Nation Championship event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


    On top of this Oakley SI will most likely use 3-Gun Nation as a vehicle to help promote their new shooting glasses, the Tombstones.

    Chris Cheng got a sneak peak of them. Here is the exclusive article he wrote.


    The Tombstones are supposed to be released beginning of April, according to the Oakley guys at SHOT Show 2015.

    Oakley SI Tombstone Oakley Tombstone Eyeshields Product Image.1.8.15

    The lenses will come in two cuts: Reap (larger profile) and Spoil (smaller coverage). The Spoil is for people with smaller faces and heads, like women and younger shooters.

    Tombstone USPSA

    I have been using the Tombstones since SHOT Show 2015 and they are fantastic. The Field of view is unparalleled. With the lack of traditional frames the Tombstones feel lighter on my face and so after a while I stop noticing they are on my face. The shape of the lens makes them compatible with regular hats. Some of my other shooting glasses, the frames would hit the other edges of the bill on my hat. Not the case with the Tombstones.

    Red logo tombstones

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