Weekend Photo: E-bo Uthai 12 (Pistol chambered in 12 Gauge)

    Akaitama sent us this photo from a Thai forum. He writes …

    The name “Uthai” comes from the place of origin where the first one was made “E-teng village, Payuha siri district, Nakornsawan province” but it was mistaken by people, they thought it was Uthai-thani province (These 2 provinces aren’t very far from each other) , the “12” comes from “12 Gauge”.

    Unfortunately, the E-bo Uthai 12 has been banned from registration by the government around 30 years ago and now it’s illegal to buy/sell it. The ones you see are probably those that have been already registered before the government had banned them.

    The price in the black market is around 8000-10000 baht (around 275 USD)

    The recoil looks punishing …

    Thanks Akaitama!