Tactical Grips from Altamont Company

    Altamont Company

    The Altamont Company is an Illinois-based manufacturer of custom grips for pistols and revolvers. The company makes wood and composite grips for revolvers and pistols alike.

    Recently, the Altamont Company announced a new line of tactical grips focused on the 1911 style pistol. The new line uses composite materials and variety of textures.

    All grips are made in the United States.

    From Altamont Company:

    Altamont Company has introduced a new family of advanced tactical grips and accessories for handguns, with the main focus being the 1911 Government pistol. These new products include grips made from composite materials like micarta, G-10, and carbon fiber.

    They have also introduced new textures such as crocback and stippled, ranging from sharp to light arranged for secure hand registration during shooting. These new textures allow for a more precise selection of the grips for specific uses of the handgun, ranging from concealed carry to competition.

    Some grip models have the magwell built into the grip with a special engraved and textured mainspring housing as part of the kit. They are also offering a machined aluminum magwell that fits into the 1911 grip for easy assembly and a perfect fit. These new tactical products join Altamont’s extensive offering of handgun grips, rifle stocks, and accessories.

    All made in America and available on their website.

    Richard Johnson

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