Teenager Finds 40+ Weapons In UK While Magnet Fishing

    A 16-year-old engaging in magnet finishing(?) made quite the haul earlier this week. During his endeavors, he discovered a cache of 40 weapons including some incredible iconic designs.

    But while combing Greylake on the Somerset Levels with a rope and a strong magnet tied to the end, he and a friend suddenly came across a 40-strong haul of terrifying weapons.

    Among them were parts of a Nazi MG 42 light machine gun, which has a 600m killing range, and a Czech SA23 9mm submachine gun.

    Histrionics about “killing range” of the weapons, sources for the Daily Mail have intimated that the cache could have been from the IRA during the Battle for Northern Ireland.

    Unfortunately, all the weapons were extremely corroded and are being destroyed. Tis a shame that no one or any of the museums stepped in to restore any. The photo below looks like an original AR-10.

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