POTD: The brand new Arex Rex Zero1 9mm pistol

    Gabor, who writes at KaliberInfo.hu, sent us this photo of the brand new Slovenian pistol, the Arex Rex Zero1. It looks like a pretty nifty pistol. He wrote ..

    Arex Rex Zero1 9 mm Luger (18+1) pistol. New Slovenian (NOT Slovakian!) pistol, with alumínium frame, DA/SA trigger, combined decocker+slide lock lever, ambi manual safety (cocked and locked carry is possible), ambi magazine catch.

    Nice “crossbreed” between the SIG P226, Walther P88-fullsize, Zastava 99.

    MSRP in Austria: 758 euros ($848 USD), less than 2/3 of a SIG P226 here.

    It was very enjoyable to shoot, comfortable, nice trigger, very accurate.

    I wonder if this pistol will be imported into the USA.