Dark Earth Glock Magazines

    Many of you may have seen in the past year or so Glock has produced some of their pistols in Dark Earth polymer. Many people mistakenly call it FDE, when Glock never calls it FDE. On the box, the pistols are labeled as “Dark Earth”. A subtle difference but it does distinguish from the more commonly known Flat Dark Earth which is associated with Magpul’s tactical taupe color.  Most notable would be the recent Larry Vickers special edition Dark Earth Glocks. What you may not have known is that Glock made magazines for a DoD Special Missions Unit in Dark Earth. They were only made in .40 s&w and came with a round extender in dark earth. They are rather rare. As you can see below, the magazine matches my Dark Earth Glock 35 frame.

    DSC_0215 DSC_0219


    According to Modern Service Weapons, there was also an extended 22 rd Dark Earth Glock 22 magazine. I have seen the 15 rd mags with extensions but never seen the extended 22 rd mag in Dark Earth before.



    I wish Glock would make more of these in all calibers and bundled with their Dark Earth frame pistols.

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