CORE Rifle Systems Now Making Ammo

    CORE Rifle Systems, the company whose motto is “Where MIL-SPEC is just a starting point” has decided to expand their product line to including ammunition. In addition to their line of rifles and components for the commercial market, CORE has a law enforcement line of SBRs and post-sample full-auto firearms. It should be interesting to see how their ammo performs. As you can see below they’ve launched the line with a combination of .223 Rem and .300 BLK, and with its own motto: “Fire for effect.”


    From CORE:

    “As CORE Rifle Systems progressed with its own vertical integration, culminating in the manufacture of our own precision barrels, we saw the need to bring the final piece of the accuracy puzzle under our control. Enter CORE Ordnance. By combining the finest components available in closely controlled, small-batch “boutique” grade ammunition, we have closed the loop in attaining perfectly repeatable accuracy and unquestioned terminal performance in a fully integrated long gun system. Whether your day involves punching holes in paper, reducing the local varmint population or anchoring an angry hog at close range, CORE Ordnance by CORE Rifle Systems has you covered. CORE Rifle System’s is currently testing 3 new .308 rounds. Stay tuned for more information on these and all other new product developments at

     Utilizing the finest projectiles available from today’s top manufacturers, including Sierra Matchking, Hornady, Nosler and Lehigh Defense, and combining that with high quality Hogdon H110 powder, we have given shooters wide variety of loads to choose from. Our 300 BLK ammunition is loaded from once fired Lake City 5.56 brass and our .223 is newly manufactured brass. CORE® Ordnance offers these great selections:

     NEW* CORE® Ordnance 52gr HPBT Sierra Matchking .223 20rnd sku 12208

    NEW* CORE® Ordnance 69gr HPBT Sierra Matchking .223 20rnd sku 12209

    NEW*CORE® Ordnance 77gr HPBT Sierra Matchking .223 20rnd sku 12210

    CORE® Ordnance 45gr Lehigh Defense Chaos .223 20rnd sku 11692

    CORE® Ordnance 55gr Hornady V-Max .223 20rnd sku 11691

    CORE® Ordnance 69gr HPBT Nosler Tip .223 20rnd sku 11690

    CORE® Ordnance 155gr Hornady A-Max .300 BLK 20rnd sku 11693

    CORE® Ordnance 208gr Hornady A-Max Subs 300 BLK 20rnd sku 11694

    CORE® Ordnance 220gr HPBT Subsonic .300 BLK 20rnd sku 11695

     The results in testing with all of these offerings has been amazing! For these and all other great products from CORE® Rifle Systems, please visit:


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