TNVC’s D790 Magnus 6x Gen 3 NV Scope

    Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC) has put up photos of their third generation D790 Magnus 6x Night Vision Scope being tested, saying “If we are going to equip guys going into harm’s way, the gear better perform as advertised first time, every time. That said, we present the baddest night vision scope on the block: the Magnus D790. Rated up-to/including .50 BMG and proven by our own field testing.”



    Taking a look at the scope’s specs on TNVC’s site only leads to being impressed – and wishing I could afford one of these (MSRP is between $5399.99 and $5799.99).


    From TVNC:

    “The Magnus D790 is a dedicated 6x Gen3 Night Vision Weapon Scope from Night Optics USA that resets the bar for Long-range image intensifier engagement.  Night Optics USA has been building some of the finest night vision scopes on the market for years.  The Magnus D790 is the best of the best for long range.  Its aerospace-grade aluminum housing is waterproof, nitrogen purge-capable, and able to stand up to the recoil of heavy weapon systems; including .50 BMG.  The Magnus D790 mounts to any standard M1913 Picatinny Rail via an adjustable dual throw-lever mechanism for quick attach/detach.  When properly adjusted, it will hold and return to zero on heavy weapon systems.

    The dedicated 6x magnification is ideal for long range engagements.  High definition multi-coated lenses offer 25-30% more light transfer than the Gladius D760, providing one of the highest resolution images available in any night vision scope.  Utilizing a hand-selected, MILSPEC L-3 Infinity image intensifier tube, the Magnus D790 is truly unmatched.  An illuminated Mil-Dot reticle provides users with precise aiming, ranging, and target leading capability.  It is user-configurable to either illuminated Red-on-Green or Amber-on-Green to accommodate the user’s eyes.  The 165mm objective lens gathers a lot light, enabling the detection of a man past 2,000 meters and true target identification at 460 meters.  The Magnus is complete with manual gain control.

    Magnus D790 Gen3 night vision weapon scopes are recoil-rated up-to/including .50 BMG with L-3 Unfilmed image intensifier tubes.  Standard filmed L-3 tubes are recoil rated up to 7.62×51 NATO (.308).

    The Magnus D790 is one of the best night vision scopes available.  Unlike many other night vision scopes built for the commercial market by foreign-based companies, the Magnus actually lives up to its hype.  TNVC has proudly been outfitting hog hunters and law enforcement professionals with Night Optics USA scopes for years.  Their proven track record of performance and dependability is unmatched by any other night vision scope series on the market.”


    Manufacturer:Night Optics

    USADimensions:12.2″(L) x 3.85″(W) x 3.5″(H)

    Weight:2.425 lbs.

    Finish:Matte Black, Corrosion Resistant

    Power:Two (2) Standard AA Batteries

    Battery Life:Approx. 60 Hours at Room Temp.


    Warranty:2 Year Warranty


    Generation:Gen3 L-3

    Resolution:64-72 lp/mm Typical


    Lens System:165mm F/2.0


    Focus Range:33′ to Infinity

    Reticle:Mildot (Illuminated) Color Selectable

    Adjustment:1/4″ MOA/ Click

    Diopter:+3 to -4

    Detect Human:2,000 Meters (460 Meters Recognition)

    INCLUDED:Hard Case, Day Filter Cover, Two (2) AA Batteries, Operator’s Manual, Tube Data Card

    Take a look online:

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