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Crimson Trace, the company well known for its quality laser sights, announced their new Rail Master CMR-206 is now available. The new laser sight is green; studies show the human eye sees green more easily than any other color whether day or night. Of course, while green lasers have quite a few pros, they have some cons, as well, including difficulty being seen on a sunny day at distances beyond fifteen yards. For many the pros far outweigh the cons, and green has become popular among many shooters.

From Crimson Trace:

“This newest laser sight features a powerful and bright green laser in a compact unit that’s designed to fit onto all firearms equipped with standard M1913 Picatinny and Weaver accessory rails. The Rail Master CMR-206 is operated with the company’s innovative tap-on Instant Activation™. With a simple press of the finger, the laser activates. No special operation holsters or difficult-to-locate buttons interfere with the product’s use in times of stress.

The new CMR-206 laser sight provides three modes of operation—momentary, strobe and constant on. This unit is one of the smallest, lightest (weighs less than 0.8 ounces) laser sights on the market—period. It can be easily and quickly attached to nearly any firearm’s rails with Crimson Trace’s proprietary Secure Lock Technology®. The CMR-206 is also easily adjusted for windage and elevation to match your firearm and ammunition’s point of impact. The necessary battery and wrench, and easy-to-read owner’s manual, for the install process are included in the packaging. The sleek contoured design of this Rail Master laser sight ensures it will not snag on clothing if installed on a self-defense or concealed carry pistol.

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of the new Rail Master CMR-206 with green laser diode is $229. The unit should be readily available at any place in the US that sells firearms and stocks Crimson Trace products. These outlets include gun stores, ranges and many big box centers, plus the products can be ordered from numerous popular online retailers.

Crimson Trace, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, manufacturers nearly 200 products designed for use on firearms. Included in those products are nearly a dozen Rail Master and Rail Master Pro models with green or red lasers, or bright white lights, or combinations of lights and lasers with multiple operating modes. For more than two decades, the company has been setting the standard in laser sight and tactical lighting options for firearms owners. Crimson Trace products are used by many military and law enforcement units around the globe.

Crimson Trace laser sights and lighting products can also be found pre-installed on firearms from Kimber, Ruger, Smith &Wesson, Beretta, Browning and others. All Crimson Trace products, including the new CMR-206 Rail Master, are proudly Made in the USA. For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406.”

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  • David David on Feb 26, 2015

    Lime Trace?

  • Tommy Huynh Tommy Huynh on Feb 26, 2015

    "studies show the human eye sees green more easily than any other color whether day or night" This is a meaningless statement. What the "studies" actually say is the human eye is most sensitive to green light for photopic (daytime) vision and scotopic (night) vision. That's a given. However more importantly is that the human eye sees based on contrast. A red dot is more visible against a green background (grass/foliage), while green is more visible against a red or blue background. The best laser depends on the environment you plan to use it. Just another poorly written article from TFB

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    • Frig man Frig man on Mar 10, 2015

      @tommyuynhcaneatit LOLOLO