Roth Concept Innovations Shotguns

    RCI is the maker of the XRAIL. An auto indexing loader that holds and feeds a shotgun 23 rounds. Give or take a round or two depending on your shotgun setup.


    Well they have been modifying shotguns as well.


    IMG_0185__07601.1408498815.1280.1280 M2

    They have a modified Benelli M2 with an integrated XRAIL. Usually the XRAIL is added as an extension at the end of the magazine tube. However with 23+ rounds this tends to make the gun rather front heavy. They removed the factory Benelli magazine tube and replaced it with their XRAIL. Recoilweb did an article in Issue 9.

    For those of you interested in the RCI XM2XI it can be yours for only $3,299.00.

    • Rounds total: 26 (25+1)
    • Weight: 9 lbs empty, 11.4 lbs loaded with 26 rounds of birdshot
    • Length of Barrel on gun: 21″
    • Overall Length of gun: 42.5″
    • 12 Gauge

    Now RCI is looking at modifying the Remington Versamax. They posted this on their facebook page. They call it the Versamax Vacuum. That is some serious undercutting of the feed port. Even the handguard has been shaved down for less drag. Beacuse Racegun.

    RCI Versa Vacuum

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