POTD: Full Auto SAR-48 with 11″ Barrel (FN FAL)

    Joe sent us this photo of his AWESOME gun. He wrote …

    Hey TFB, here is my FULL AUTO SAR-48. As you can see I’ve done some heavy modification to it. I’m running a DSA 11″ barrel on their OSW front end, A Yankee Hill Flash hider and their 7.62 phantom suppressor. What makes this gun unique as you see is the fact that I have an ACR stock on the gun, which is a first for the FAL. Also on the gun is a Elcan Specter DR 1-4x, when coupled with the ACR stock is perfect for the rifle. I do a lot of night time shooting and so I needed a laser (DBAL D2). The night vision set is a BNVD-DG (dual gain) and it sitting on a team Wendy helmet.

    I am insanely jealous.


    Thanks Joe