TangoDown BG-18 Reduced Angle AR Grip

    TangoDown recently posted a picture on their Instagram page of their new BG-18 Reduced Angle AR Grip for the AR-15. Just like with the other grips in their lineup the new BG-18 grip is made in the USA and will also feature a non-slip texture and a rounded ergonomic “hand filling” form.┬áMost vertical pistol grips are usually found on shorter barreled ARs and PDWs such as SBRs and AR pistols because they bring your primary hand closer to your body while aiming and shooting your AR.

    No word on if it will also feature a storage compartment that’s included with their BG-16 and BG-17 grips. According to Jerkingthetrigger it’s expected to retail for under $20. Check out Tangodown.com for more info.

    Ray I.

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