Fatal ND Using Bra Holster

    In St. Joseph Michigan, a woman was adjusting a handgun in her bra holster. She reportedly looked down and shot herself in the head. Here is the article about the incident.

    Not having personally used a bra holster, I didn’t see how this is possible.

    However looking at this video it may have been due to re-holstering a loaded weapon.


    Limatunes has a more analytical approach to using the holster.



    Looking at the videos above and the image below, I could see someone using the Flashbang holster inappropriately. Due to the single attachment point design, the single screw is the only part that keeps the pistol oriented horizontally. If the screw was loose, then the strap and holster could swivel around the screw. This could cause the holster to be oriented vertically and the gun would be pointed upward.




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