Colt Canada IUR (Integrated Upper Receiver) for Civilian Sale

    Colt Canada IUR Upper

    Colt Canada made the surprise move in 2014 of releasing their first rifles to the domestic civilian market with the SA 15.7 and SA 20. Now a new run of Colt Canada gear is about to arrive on Canadian shelves: the IUR or Integrated Upper Receiver. These are the only IURs that have been released for sale to the public.

    The IUR creates a free floating tube which removes all external influences from the barrel, with a full length, contiguous top rail.

    Colt Canada has stated that these are overrun from a military contract. While they aren’t saying which contract, it seems likely to be the Danish run of 5000 M/10 C8 IUR carbines.

    Colt Canada IUR Integrated Upper Reciever

    In an unusual move, the distributor O’Dell Engineering, has paired the Colt Canada IUR uppers with American Tactical Gen 2 Omni polymer lowers. O’Dell has a number of certified armourers who service the Canadian Forces C7 and C8 rifles, and have explained that they chose the Omni Gen 2 specifically for its steel reinforcing. From their in-house use they seem to feel it’s an acceptable lower and a way to keep the entry level costs down on an otherwise highly desirable rifle.

    Because Colt Canada is a NATO spec manufacturing facility, they will never fit aftermarket parts themselves. Literally: no Magpul etc can enter through their doors. In this case they supplied the uppers to O’Dell who picked the parts and assembled the rifles.

    A lone upper (no BCG) has an MSRP of $1099 CAD, while the complete rifle has an MSRP of $1599 CAD


    Edward O

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