Kurdish Gunsmith Helps Fight ISIS

    Bakhtiar Sadradin Aziz makes and repairs firearms in Kurdistan. His customers include Kurdish Peshmerga Soldiers. Bakhtiar has been running the family business after his father, Sadradin, was imprisoned for 14 years by the Baathists for repairs of Peshmerga weapons. When the father was released in 2003, due to the American Invasion, he found his son, Bakhtiar, was running the shop so Sadradin retired. Bakhtiar is now training his own 17 yr old son to take over the business. Just in case something happens.

    According to an article on Daily Beast, one of his more popular modifications is shortening and converting a M16 to an M4. He charges $500 for the conversion making the $2500 M16 a $3000 gun. A bargain compared to the $9000 cost of a M4.

    Below are some pictures of the Gunsmith and his wares.


    Looks like a PPSH




    An interesting shave down AK-47 converted to shoot 7.62×25. It’s so chibi and cute.1424254517874.cached



    FN M16 lower receiver

    1424254517459.cached 1424254515807.cached 1424254511617.cached

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