Machine Pattern #4 from Lone Wolf Dist.

    Meeee likey (but then again, I like GLOCKs). Lone Wolf Distributing sent out some wonderful photos of their Machine Pattern #4. The new pattern keeps the aggressive cocking serrations, adding some great ribbing to the top of the slide.

    Description courtesy of LoneWolf:

    Machine Pattern #4 includes some of the most frequently demanded aesthetics. By implementing linear cuts on the top and sides of the slide and porting forward of the ejection port, the slide is made lighter. Also included is 45 degree cuts on the right, left, and rear of the slide which will give your pistol a more modern custom look.

    All machine cuts are exclusive to LWD stainless steel slides.

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    Additional machine patterns are also available.


    Lone Wolf's first three slide patterns.

    Lone Wolf’s first three slide patterns.

    Slides are available now for $175 for the machining only. To complete the package, the base slides start at $209.

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