Epic Bullpup Conversion: Howa 1500 .300 Win Mag

    TFB reader BenJamin converted a bolt-action Howa 1500 chambered in .300 Win Mag into a beautiful bullpup that in my mind resembles the rarer-than-unicorns Walther WA 2000, although it was the Keppeler & Fritz KS II Precision that inspired him. BenJamin wrote …

    This is my Howa 1500 .300 Win Mag I converted into a bullpup. I machined the aluminum myself, the only thing not made by me was the bolt knob and scope rail, I simply modded and installed them. The wood is locally cut and cured dark walnut that I machined and carved as well.

    bullpup homemade howa bolt action3

    The buttpad is easily removable by pulling out two HK91 takedown pins, and the buttpad can be adjusted vertically.

    bullpup homemade howa bolt action 2

    The rifle has a 1 pound Rifle Basix triggerthat I modified to attach to the trigger bar on the side of the rifle, the trigger, at this point, will only work as a bullpup.

    The rifle has a firefield bipod, a Magpul buttpad and a Veber scope. The rifle uses Accuracy International mags, and only seem to have problems feeding Remington 150 gr. soft tips, everything else cycles fine. The Howa without scope or bipod is 11 pounds.


    In the future, I plan on getting a brake on it and eventually suppress it. I was also thinking of making plastic furniture (I work with Nylon Resin on a daily basis) further reduce the weight of the gun.

    As you can see in the pic, the gun is well balanced and with the low bore axis, has reduced recoil and is quite stable while shooting, but I still plan on putting a brake on it.

    If you have any questions about my Howa, I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

    I told BenJamin he should be selling these, it is that good. If you have any questions about it, he will try to answer them in the comments below.

    Steve Johnson

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