VG6 Precision 7.62 Brakes

    VG6 Precision has made their muzzle brakes in 7.62 caliber. They have their Gamma and Epsilon designs upscaled for 308. The 7.62 brakes have three chambers compared to their 5.56 muzzle brakes which only have dual chambers.

    Here is the SS Gamma 762 on my SCAR 17S

    SCAR Gamma 2


    Comparison of the Gamma 762 vs stock PWS SCAR17S Brake.SCAR Gamma

    At the range test, Jayden of VG6 Precision brought out his prototype blast reducer. We tried it on my SCAR 17S. It increased recoil a little bit but helped reduce the muzzle blast side concussions.

    Dislaimer: This VG6 Blast Reducer is a prototype. The final product may change in design by the time it makes it to production.

    VG6 SCAR 1


    Here is a video showing the Gamma 762 on a piston driven AR.


    VG6 Precision is now working on an muzzle brake for the AK platform. The video below is a test of the Epsilon AK with the prototype blast reducer

    I got a chance to test it out last Friday.

    The below photo was taken by John Lawrence Cudal. You can see the silhouette of the Epsilon AK thru the muzzle blast cloud.VG6 AK 1


    Here is a video shooting it with the blast reducer. You can see the gun move a bit but that is from me jerking the trigger rather than muzzle climb and recoil.

    The muzzle brakes worked great on the AK and SCAR.  I already got a taste of how amazing VG6’s brakes are at the RE Factor Tactical Ball-So-Hard Soiree range shoot. We put VG6’s upper on a full auto lower to really test the muzzle brake’s recoil and muzzle climb management. I put my GoPro at the end of the rail and you can see how little the end of the gun moves. Just a minor amount of vibration.


    You can check out their assortment of flash hiders and muzzle brakes on their website.

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