Savage Arms Rifles in 338 Federal

    Savage 338 Federal

    Savage Arms is now offering six rifles chambered for the 338 Federal. They are:

    • 11 Long Range Hunter – $1,104
    • 11 Hog Hunter – $560
    • 16 FCSS – $885
    • 16 Bear Hunter – $1,035
    • 11 Trophy Hunter XP – $612
    • 16 Trophy Hunter XP – $740

    According to Savage, these rifle models are the most popular big game guns in the current catalog. The rifles are currently listed on the Savage Arms website and should be available for order through your local dealer.

    Savage 338 Federal

    Introduced in 2006, the 338 Federal is a short-action cartridge that is essentially a necked-up .308 that offers a heavier (that .308) bullet at a similar or higher velocity. For example, Federal offers a 200 grain soft point in its Power-Shok line that is rated at 2,700 fps. By way of comparison, the .308 Power-Shok load with the 180 grain soft point only makes for 2,570 fps.

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