Interview of Bob Stasch, Chicago PD Veteran Of 14 Gunfights

    Here is a 52 minute interview with Chicago PD Lieutenant Bob Stasch. He has been in 14 gunfights. There are some very interesting things in his recollection. His second story is of particular interest for me. Many people have a false faith in “stopping power”. Having read a few LEO examples it seems that there is a possibility that people have a stronger will to survive beyond rational belief. I tell customers at work, that people will surprise you. They can defy physics and rationality and Bob Stasch’s example is a good one.

    He goes on to talk shop about his progression of firearms on and off duty as well as details the change in ammunition choices for the Police.

    He shares his personal retort to “why did you fire?”. “I fired to live” as opposed to “I fired because i was in immediate danger of death or serious bodily harm”. It is a subtle change that still conveys the same amount of information in a short and concise method.

    His preferred practice target is a 6″ paper plate. From his experience in gunfights, he has progressed to aim for the head. If he can hit the plate, he is confident he cant hit a head at combat distances.

    Bob also discusses Chicago’s Toughest Cop: Frank Pape.

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