ZEV Technologies New Match-Grade Glock Barrels

    ZEV Technologies  has released new match-quality Glock barrels. The new barrels are cut rifled  with a broach finish (This is an unusual process, but with good broaches, produces excellent results). ZEV claims a “proprietary twist rate” and does not expand on it in detail.


    The barrels are available in three colors, raw polished stainless, Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), and Burnt Bronze. The raw stainless barrels are in-stock, but the DLC and Bronze barrels will ship three weeks ARO. They are coated to order.

    All barrels are available for order now at ZEV’s new website. All barrels are $250.

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    Oxnard, CA – February 11, 2015 – ZEV Technologies, manufacturers of components and accessories for firearms, has announced that their new Match Grade drop-in barrels, are now available for sale through the company’s newly redesigned www.zevtechnologies.com.

    The ZEV Match-Grade Drop-In Barrels feature extremely tight tolerances and are manufactured with pre-hardened chromium stainless steel (416R); originally designed for use in Match-Grade rifle barrels. This material provides high tensile strength and toughness to withstand typical chamber pressures while still being greatly corrosion resistant.

    ZEV Match-Grade barrel bores are some of the most precise in the industry. Every barrel is double honed (rough and finish) until a minimum surface finish of 16 RA is reached. During this process the barrels are held to a final dimension of +/- 0.0002” for consistency and accuracy.

    Each and every one of the barrels are cut, rifled and inspected for groove dimensions and broach finish.

    ZEV Match-Grade Drop-In Barrel Specs:

    • 416R Gun Barrel Quality Stainless Steel
    • Match Grade drop in barrel
    • Final dimension of +/- 0.0002” for consistency and accuracy
    • SAAMI spec. Match chambers
    • Proprietary twist rate

    Available now through www.zevtechnologies.com the barrels come in the following finishes:

    • Raw Stainless Steel
    • Black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)
    • Burnt Bronze

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