Weekend Photo: Indian Police, Vintage Guns

    Tim sent us some very interesting photos he took of Indian police earlier this year. Time writes …

    A series of images taken during the Vibrant Gujarat 2015 exposition in Ahmedabad, India, in January 2015. The Indian police (be they state, local, or federal) were displaying an impressive array of vintage weaponry. Unfortunately I was unable to get photos of the one cop I saw with a Sten Mk II. The mounted Bren Gun was in the hands of the State SWAT team. The Sterling, like many of them there, was unloaded. I’m not too sure what the bolt action rifle is. He said it was the only one left in his station’s arsenal. The front sight assembly was canted to the side making me doubtful he could hit anything with it anyway though that implies he had ammo. Other cops were seen with Ishapores, AK-variants, assorted pistols, and proper Enfields but I wasn’t able to get too many other photos. Some cops were very comfortable with me taking pictures of their guns, others were very leery.

    An Enfield, I wonder if its one of the notorious anti-riot Enfields that were re-chambered to shoot .410 shotgun shells?



    Bren machine gun:

    Bren Gun


    Sterling 2

    Sterling 3

    Thanks Tim!