78 dB Suppressor? Wait for it…

    Okay.  So this has made some rounds on the interwebz and is generating sufficient drama.  If you haven’t heard, supposedly Jesse James (formerly of Monster Garage) has constructed a suppressor with some intense claims:


    • 78 dB at the muzzle
    • No heat signature to distort view from optics
    • Zero muzzle flash from front or sides while full auto
    • Increase of 100m/s velocity

    Brent Taylor (of Liberty Suppressors) called him out, issuing a challenge which apparently was initially accepted and then ultimately backed down from:

    Pretty crazy claims that would definitely need some independent testing and verification using controls.  My understanding is that there have not really been any major changes to the original design from Maxim.  There have been attempts at true phase cancellation (but even this is contested due to the types of sound produced).  I suppose a larger chamber with more baffles may assist with better heat dissipation, but I can’t imagine no heat signature. Generally, suppressors drop about what ~30dB.  So gunshots at ~150 dB means that a 78 dB is around a ~70 dB reduction.

    So, readers, controversy aside, thoughts?  Could he be on to something (exaggerated claims corrected for)?

    Thanks to Jay D for the pointer.

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