Canada’s Armed Forces Future Weapon

    Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) and Colt Canada have developed a new Assault Rifle for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It does not have a name but the weapon looks like something out of a Sci Fi film.

    The DRDC is Canada’s version of DARPA. They are the ones coming up and making the future weapons and technology for the military.

    This new rifle has been in development since 2009, according to The rifle is made for the Soldier Integrated Precision Effects Systems (SIPES) project. It includes a firing mechanism to shoot lightweight cased telescoped ammunition, a secondary effects module for increased firepower and a NATO standard power and data rail to integrate accessories like electro-optical sights and position sensors.

    The secondary effects module can be a three round 40mm grenade launcher or a 12 gauge shotgun. It is reported that with the combined secondary effects module, this SIPES rifle is lighter than the current issue C7 with M203 mounted. The C7 is Canada’s version of a M16 made by Colt Canada.

    Just looking at the pictures and the video below, it is a bull pup with a tremendous amount of height over bore. I am not sure why they designed it so that the secondary effects module would be mounted on top of the weapon platform.



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