Kurdish Zagros Gen 2

    In 2012 TFB published an extensive post about a homemade rifle being used by the PKK in their fight against Turkey. Recently, a photo has surfaced of the same rifle but with a few upgrades and thus I’m calling it the Gen 2. The additions seem to be the removal of the monopod, more ventilation holes in the handguard, different metals or finishes, an improved compensator, and some other changes. A reader on the previous post left this to say about it-

    Its called Zagros, it’s range is 3500 + meters.
    Single shots.
    Was very effective in the Iran vs pkk war in 2011.
    Made from ZPU.

    By ZPU I’m assuming the barrel is taken from a 14.5mm ZPU anti aircraft gun.


    This is a ZPU 1 14.5mm anti aircraft gun. I’m assuming the barrel is taken off the AA gun and somehow machined into a shoulder fired rifle.


    The picture was originally posted on a Kurdish Facebook resistance group page, and the uniform and gear of the woman are consistent with equipment in use by the YPG. Used with permission.



    If you have any more ideas, send ’em in!


    The photo from the 2012 post.


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