The Alternative aka Gun Condom

    Alternative Ballistics has developed a less than lethal option for law enforcement. It acts like a condom for the gun. The “Alternative” is placed over the muzzle end of the slide. It holds onto an alloy metal ball. When the first round is fired, the bullet is captured by the metal ball and the force releases the ball from the slide attachment. It is propelled forward to the shooter’s target. Once fired, the docking device automatically ejects from the slide allowing the next followup shot to be lethal if needed. By increasing the size and mass of the projectile, it supposedly does not penetrate and is not lethal. I am sure there will be instances where it could cause damage or even death. Even rubber bullets have been scrutinized and in some cases have caused death.


    Here is a diagram showing the unit on a M&P. Other than the potential hazard of installing the device, the Alternative does seem rather well thought out in terms of the user operating their firearm. Consideration for weapon mounted lights and a channel for the front sight does not alter how one uses his or her firearm.




    The Alternative device is stored in a pouch on a belt.



    Here is a simulation of the device.


    I am a little bit concerned with how this device is attached. It causes the user to put their hand awfully close to the muzzle end of the gun. Of course judicial practice of the firearm safety rules will help avoid this, but lets face it when have people been 100% accident free? Police are not immune to accidents. So to have a device that purposely puts their hand in potential danger seems like a bad idea. Add ontop the time and forethought required to prepare this device for a non-lethal confrontation. Of course there is murphy’s law. You are still firing a lethal round at a subject. Could this device somehow fail? I am sure there will be some variable not considered and it still kills someone. However this is just a tool. How the user implements it is up to them.

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