Polymer Targets For Close Range Shooting

    A local shooting club started using Newbold targets for their pistol match practice. During the winter the club retreats to their indoor pistol range. One problem with shooting indoors is the inability to utilize steel targets safely. That is where Newbold Targets comes in. They make standardized target shapes out of a high grade polymer. The targets still react to being hit by a bullet but there is no danger of back splatter like there is with steel targets. According to Newbold these targets have a relatively long life span.

    Here is a test where the target is shot 1000 times.

    They even have mini poppers.

    Their smaller targets like the 4″ and 6″ round circles are cheaper than their steel counter parts. But the mini popper above costs as much as a steel auto popper of the same size.

    Check out their targets on their website.

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