Iosso AR-15 Rifle Cleaning Kit


    Iosso has been in the business of manufacturing cleaning products for a quarter of a century, and although they got their start making products for boats and RVs they also make cleaning supplies and oils for firearms. They have a selection of bore brushes, bore cleaner, and their own bio-based oil solution, but it was their new AR cleaning kit that caught my eye at SHOT Show.


    The AR-15 kit includes 6 brushes sized to clean your AR-15’s upper receiver, chamber, bolt carrier, bore (.223 or .30), bolt carrier key tube, and gas tube. According to the rep who demonstrated the kit’s use what makes this cleaning kit unique is the gas tube brush because it allows you to clean the entire gas tube without taking the upper receiver apart. It does look like a handy little kit and I admit to being one of those gun owners who fully enjoys cleaning their guns; the Iosso AR-15 Cleaning Kit is one I’d like to try.


    Additional kit details from Iosso:

    The kit also includes the Eliminator Cleaning Tool & Rod. This cleaning tool is handy for tight cleaning jobs where a regular rod is too long and cumbersome to use. This short sturdy tool is useful with any Eliminator Brush to clean pistol bores, chambers, revolver cylinders, case cleaning, neck turning, etc. Use it as a handle to attach the Eliminator Bore Cleaning Rope (also included).When the extension rod is attached, it is stationary and will not spin. It may also be used for any job that requires a longer handle. The Iosso Bore Cleaner and Triple Action Oil Solution are recommended cleaners to be used with the kit (sold separately).

    The AR-15 Cleaning Kit MSRP is $68.99. Take a look online:

    Other products include their brushes, which you can buy in four-packs for the AR-15 or .308:


    Cleaning an AR-15 has never been an easy task. There are no brushes that fit correctly for complete cleaning. Wrapping a patch around a brush to make it fit and using tools to scrape away the fouling is not foolproof. A new brush kit designed for the AR-15 is now available to take all the guesswork out of the cleaning. This kit contains an Upper Receiver Brush, Bolt Carrier Brush, Chamber Brush and .223 Bore Brush. These unique brushes are superior because they are sized to tolerance for precision cleaning. They are made out of a blue Nyflex fiber, which is a stiff, thick fiber that holds its shape well and allows for back and forth action unlike traditional brass and bronze type brushes. They may be used several times before becoming worn. The brushes are wound tightly so there is more cleaning area per inch. The shank is a solid construction, sized to fit 8/32 cleaning rods. When used with the Iosso Bore Cleaner and Iosso Triple Action Solution it will remove nasty carbon burn and all other fouling, including copper and lead. (from Iosso)

    AR-15 four-pack bore brush kit MSRP $17.70. Take a look online:

    And their case polish:


    Cleans and polishes brass casings to a high luster. It removes powder fouling, residue, oxidation, tarnish, and discoloration. Add Iosso Case Polish to your media before tumbling. It works with the media to reduce tumbling time and gives your brass a like-new finish. Use Iosso Case Polish on soiled casings or on casings that have been pre-cleaned with the Iosso Case Cleaner. (from Iosso)

    Case Polish MSRP $12.75. Take a look online:

    A special thanks to the rep at Iosso for showing me how their products work.

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