Newport buyback refuse to accept ‘Hello Kitty’ improvised pipe shotgun

    A recent ‘gun turn in’ sponsored by Newport Police Department spurred on local gun collectors to make a small profit by turning in unwanted junk firearms and also grabbing up a few bargains themselves. Merely 22 minutes into the four hour event the organizers had expended all available gift cards and resorted to IOUs, obviously helping to draw more people attending to buyers offering fast cash outside. The payout was as follows:
    $175 – Assault or assault-like rifle

    $125 – Handgun

    $75 – Long guns, such as rifles or shotguns

    $25 – High capacity magazine

    $5 – Pellet or BB guns (Arctic Circle Gift Card)
    As reported by an attendee via

    “I picked up 5 weapons including a Model 11 Remington SemiAuto 12 gauge from 1926, a Mossberg bolt action 20 gauge from 1947-1950 (with no factory SerNo as they weren’t required back then an Mossberg didn’t do it), AND a pre 1900 12 gauge breech action with Damascus barrel……AND……. a couple of 22 pistols. One pistol is like NIB with serial numbers of box, barrel, cylinder, and frame all matching plus the original manual.
    Unfortunately, Newport’s police officer that checked my turn in weapons declared that my “Hello Kitty” shotgun was “not a functioning firearm” and that “it was made as a joke”. I assured him it was indeed a functioning 12 gauge shotgun and could direct him to video proving that but he didn’t care. Soooooo……… the untraceable, unserialized, no ballistics possible, easily disposed of, firearm was SENT BACK OUT ON THE STREETS while worthless pieces of crap that couldn’t fire, safe modern firearms, and a couple of sweet collectors items, were being bought for the smelter……..such is the intelligence level of the enemy.”


    Although extremely basic, the design was produced commercially as the ‘Richardson Guerrilla Gun’ and is certainly not a ‘joke’ but a viable firearm.



    On a comical note, it seems Glock & Wesson made an appearance on Chinese television.