ProMag AR15 Rollermag

    ProMag debuted their new Rollermag at the 2015 SHOT Show. Their new 30 round Rollermags work with any AR15 pattern firearm and features four wheels on an anti-tilt follower. So instead of sliding up and down inside of the magazine it rolls, which Promag says reduces friction and helps the magazine operate more smoothly. They’re made here in the USA and will retail for $18.99 and should be released around March. Check out for more info.



    The new PROMAG® RollerMag™ RM30 magazine reinvents
    the wheel by adding them to their NEW friction-free, anti-tilt
    follower. This revolutionary Rollerfollower™ creates a
    smooth, rolling, controlled feed for maximum friction reduction
    in the TECHNAPOLYMER™ magazine body. The guided,
    anti-tilt follower rolls smoothly without contact to the
    body, only the stop.

    The new Rollermag™ RM30 for AR-15 pattern rifles will be
    the first to be released this spring, with more models to follow
    later this year. The Rollermag™ is made in the USA with
    a lifetime warranty. PATENT PENDING.

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