Big Bore Guns from Wild West Guns

    Has anyone here watched Wild West Alaska? I’ll be honest–I never have (and didn’t even know it was a show). I was running tight on my schedule and didn’t do any research before I hit the booth of Wild West Guns at SHOT. I was surprised at how much traffic was hitting the booth as I walked up. A number of big guns were readily visible.

    After I made my introduction there was a brief moment of awkwardness and confusion as it was clear I knew nothing about the show and was not there for a signed bit of memorabilia. But then it all cleared up as I was actually interested in their products and I was actually able to spend some time chatting with Jim West and his son Jerimy West.


    They have a master engraver, Jim White, that does some really impressive work.



    The two guns they were showcasing were the Alaskan Co-Pilot and the .454 Wolverine Revolver. The Co-Pilot is a big bore takedown rifle chambered in .457 Magnum (a round, Jim informed me that just got SAAMI approved). It is also capable of firing the 45/70 round (or a .410 shotshell). They also make a version chambered in .50 Alaskan. You can get the rifle in barrel lengths from 16.5″ to 24″.


    I have no idea why I like the way this looks.


    The other interesting piece was the .454 Wolverine Revolver capable of firing from .45 ACP up to the .454. It is also available in .480.


    More work from Jim White. Bear tracks are on top of the boot prints…


    I didn’t know I would be interested in either of those platforms, but after handling them I’d love to be able to test fire and run rounds through them. Does anyone here have time on either? If so, I’d love to hear some feedback. I imagine .457 Magnum rounds are rare as unicorns, but looks like there is availability of .454 (at ~$1.25/rd).

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