Nosler Introduces “World’s Most Powerful” 7mm: The .28 Nosler

    Nosler has announced what it calls the “most powerful commercial 7mm cartridge”: The .28 Nosler. Based on the same case as the .26 Nosler (itself based on the .404 Jeffery) , marketing literature for the round claims a performance of 160 grains at 3,300 feet per second from a 26″ barrel. From the press release:



    Bend, Ore. – January 2, 2015 – One year ago, Nosler introduced their first namesake cartridge to the world. Since then, the 26 Nosler has achieved such renowned success that adding another member to the cartridge family became an obvious decision. Please welcome the 28 Nosler® as the most powerful 7mm cartridge commercially available today.

    Ballistic enthusiasts are well aware of the benefits and advantages that 7mm (.284 caliber) bullets have, such as inherently high ballistic coefficients for long range accuracy and minimized wind drift.

    The attributes listed above, in partnership with the Nosler bullets and velocities listed below will soon be available in Nosler’s Trophy Grade™ Ammunition. For those looking for the edge in power, velocity and long range performance in 7mm caliber, look no further.

    • Nosler® Trophy Grade™ Ammunition – 160gr AccuBond®
    • Nosler® Trophy Grade™ LR Ammunition – 175gr AccuBond® LR

    The 28 Nosler® shares the same parent case as the 26 Nosler® as well as the C.O.A.L. of 3.340” allowing this cartridge to be operated in a standard length action for lighter weight and shorter bolt throw when compared to magnum length actions.

    Of course, Nosler will be supporting this new cartridge with Nosler® Brass, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition and naturally, their full line of M48 rifles in 26” barrel configurations.

    Nosler will initially offer two loads, a 160gr AccuBond and a 175gr AccuBond Long Range, in their Trophy Grade line of ammunition. The new cartridge also comes with its own website, and a full suite of promotional material.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]