KRISS Arms 2015 Products

    At the SHOT Show Range Day, KRISS Arms brought out some interesting things out to the range.

    For 2015 there will be an updated KRISS Vector Carbine. They are updating the barrel shroud to an SilencerCo Osprey like design. The one pictured is for a Canadian model due to the longer 18.5″ barrel the shroud is longer. The new Vectors will have a new upper receiver design. They only had the shroud to show off but as you can see in the picture below the integrated light receptacle is blocked. A KRISS rep said that they are moving away from that design so the new ones will be blocked off and not have the integrated light mount at all. They are also going to upgrade the sliding trigger to an AR style pivot trigger for a better trigger feel and pull.





    KRISS Arms will also be offering Cerakoted Vectors in OD Green and FDE. Something I have been personally wanting since the Vector Prototype aired on Future Weapons (that one was in FDE).

    IMG_9249 IMG_9250 IMG_9251


    Aside from a few modifications the biggest change is this Vector SMG chambered in 9mm! No news on price or ETA. This demo unit wasn’t even available for Media to play with on Monday at the Range.

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