Lantac Titanium EBCG Prototype Stolen At SHOT Show

    Lantac USA posted this up earlier today on their Facebook Page:

    Lantac USA is sad to have to make this post A one off Titanium EBCG LanTac Carrier, the only one in existence was stolen from our booth during show hours! It doesn’t get much lower thank that. The Ti EBCG is the LanTac Pat Pend Forward porting BCG, the lower one in the pic without the forward assist serrations. If anyone can give us information of the whereabouts that leads to the return we will give you a reward. San Tan Tactical just called and added two matched billet sets to the reward. I love you man! Please can everyone post this everywhere! Thank you to the FB community for your support

    Sad as it is, there are selfish greedy people out there. Share this info as much as you can. Hopefully the firearm community can weed out this thief and return the one of a kind bolt to Lantac.

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