Frangible Ammo Made By Sinter Fire

    I like to shoot steel. There is something satisfying about the “ping!” when a round strikes it. What I do not like is the occasional splash. It happens when shooting handgun; sometimes the target is not angled enough, or there is a small divot in the plate, etc. We generally shoot from about 10 meters away (or more) and it is not like it happens often. But it always requires a check to reset the plate angle and inspect for damage. If only there was a way to avoid it altogether…

    Enter Sinter Fire. Sinter Fire rounds will turn into a powder when impacting anything harder than themselves. The following video demonstrates them in action:

    They are a bit pricey though–a box of fifty in 9mm will set you back about $30. You can also get the rounds as reloading bullets. They make most common calibers (and have for awhile, so nothing super new at SHOT, but still pretty cool).


    The rep showed me some ballistic gel, demonstrating that round are still effective for defense applications. He also relayed a somewhat humorous story about a demo shoot they did in an indoor range. After shooting some pistol and light rifle, they pulled out a 50 BMG rifle (that was loaded with Sinter Fire). Apparently there was some panic and ducking (by those that thought they knew what was coming). Even with the short distances, and large round, there was no splash back (though it did blow out some lights).


    One of the other uses is in areas that ban lead (or require frangible ammunition). And as more places move to such requirements, Sinter Fire is a good choice.

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