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    At SHOT Show I visited more than one booth displaying gun cleaning kits and oils, but it was at the QMaxx booth where I came across something a bit more unique. QMaxx makes a number of products for everything from industrial strength lubricant to saltwater protection for boats; they have extensive experience coming up with new, effective products, and their two gun-related items are great examples of their success.

    QMaxx BLU Gun and Knife 4 in 1 Oil both cleans and lubricates guns while also protecting bluing while the QMaxx Black Diamond 4 in 1 Black Gun Oil is made specifically to be used on black firearms. The rep at QMaxx assured me the company’s Black Diamond product line does not deposit color onto the firearms but instead is designed to dry instantly for a matte finish as opposed to the slick, slippery end results achieved with many products.


    First up is the QMaxx BLU Gun and Knife 4 in 1 Oil:

    “A premium gun and knife oil specifically formulated to protect from both saltwater and freshwater in the most extreme weather conditions. It has been tested in rigorous and practical applications and the test results exceed other leading products by up to 300 percent.QMaxx BLU protects the bluing of barrels and steel parts from corrosion and moisture, prevents rust inside chambers, dissolves surface rust, displaces and prevents moisture on knives and lubricates mechanisms and moving parts. Supported and endorsed by leading gun manufacturers.” (From QMaxx)

    QMaxx Black Diamond  4 in 1 Black Gun Oil

    “A revolutionary cleaner, lubricant, and protectant developed specifically for black guns. Its dry to touch advanced cleaning formula removes powder and carbon buildup while leaving a protective coating. QMaxx Black Diamond’s outstanding water displacement properties prevent destructive rust and corrosion on the metal surfaces of your gun, even inside chambers. Cutting edge NanoMaxx technology reduces friction on moving action parts, choke tubes, and gas pistons on automatics. Supported and endorsed by leading gun manufacturers, using Black Diamond ensures your black gun will operate at peak performance.: (From QMaxx)


    Some of the major companies that endorse QMaxx gun cleaning and oil products


    According to the rep I spoke with these two products are used by a number of major manufacturers; not only that, some of those manufacturers actually use QMaxx gun products as a part of their own merchandise line, putting their name on the QMaxx bottle. Companies openly endorsing QMaxx include Browning, Benelli, Blaser, Perazzi, and Winchester, among others. These products are silicone free and 100% made in the USA.

    Visit the company’s website: www.qmaxxproducts.com

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