XS Sight Systems Glass Assault Tool

    I stopped at the XS Sight Systems booth at SHOT and found a number of products that were interesting, so I chose my top two:

    The Glass Assault Tool

    “The GAT will allow the operator to rapidly and effortlessly breach glass and gain access to high-risk environments while keeping both hand so the primary weapon platform with no effect to their weapon’s zero or combat readiness.” (from XS Sight Systems)

    I have to admit the GAT is a neat tool, and its simplicity is part of its appeal. Mounting a small but effective glass-breaking point to your gun allows for maximum shattering effect without an elaborate mounting process – and without adding weight, which means your gun stays balanced and there is no effect on performance. You can see the floor model has been used to shatter a lot of glass, and I can’t blame the guys for testing it like crazy because it’s both a useful and fun.



    AR-15 and M16 Tactical Sights

    Sights are precision made from machined steel

    These sights have considerable tactical appeal because they’re effective for longer range and close-quarters combat.




    24/7 Tritium™ Stripe:
    100 wide Square top post for Daylight and long range accuracy.
    White Stripe reflects ambient light for excellent Half-Light sight acquisition.
    Trijicon® Tritium for superb Low-Light sight visibility.

    Precision Tactical Rear:
    XS exclusive Same Plane design – Allows the shooter to change apertures without changing the rifles zero.
    Precision .100” I.D. aperture for great accuracy in daylight or at long range.
    Fast acquisition .230 aperture for low light and CQB.

    Standard Dot or Big Dot Tritium Front Sights:
    Standard Dot for general use out to intermediate ranges.
    Big Dot for up close & entry guns.

    White Stripe Front Sights:
    Available in both .080 and .100 widths.
    Great sight visibility in a non-tritium sight

    CSAT Rear Sight:
    Rear Sight Aperture from Paul Howe
    Use the notch for 7 yard zero
    Use the small aperture for 100 yard zero

    XS Sight Systems’ products are made with pride in the heart of America (Texas, of course!). Thanks to Jeff Quinn of Gunblast.com for calling me to meet him at the XS Sight Systems booth. The team there is friendly and their products are innovative and logical, a combination I appreciate quite a bit.

    Visit XS Sight Systems website: www.xssights.com

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