RZE Unimag: One AR Mag; 5 Different Cartridges

    RZE multi-caliber Unimag

    Uniqmag with 7.62x39, 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC, and 5.45x39 cartridges. Note the follower with its spring-loaded element to accommodate cartridge stacking angle

    A new company called RZE (Ross & Zheng Engineering) is introducing a magazine at SHOT this year that I had a chance to take a look at today. It looks like a standard 30-round AR magazine, but it has a clever follower design that allows it to adapt to the angle of a variety of cartridges in the magazine. As a result, it can be used with no less than 8 different cartridges. The company advertises the capacity to be:

    .223 / 5.56mm: 30
    .300 Blackout: 30
    .204 Ruger: 30
    5.45X39mm: 29
    6.8 SPC: 26
    7.62X39mm: 25
    6.5 Grendel: 24
    458 SOCOM: 12

    The idea that it will work reliably with all these different rounds seems hard to believe, but the company has demo videos showing flawless operation in both semiauto and full auto. I did load one up in 7.62×39, and it was smooth and easy to load up to the 25 round claimed capacity. If it works well – and I am eager to see some independent testing done on it – it will be an ideal magazine for the many modular multi-caliber rifles on the market today.


    Ian McCollum

    Ian McCollum lives in Arizona, where he spends his time searching out rare, unusual, and experimental firearms for his daily blog at ForgottenWeapons.com. His shooting background is in bullseye pistol, and before becoming a full-time gun writer he worked in the solar power industry.