New Recover Pistol-Carbine and Holster

    I found Recover and they have some really cool products coming out this year.

    First up they have a pistol-carbine conversion kit similar to the other pistol conversion kits like the Roni or SIG ACP. However the Recover Morphy BCZ has better features than the others. Right now it is designed for use with a Beretta 92FS and their BC2 Recover grips.

    The whole system is designed to be completely modular. The cheek rest and stock can be removed and replaced with a stock delete with QD sling holes. The front of the system can be removed to accommodate a suppressor. If the user does not wish to utilize the top rail for an optic or the optic goes down, they designed the BCZ to have a see through tunnel so you can still use the iron sights on the Beretta. The non-reciprocating charging handle can be swapped with the side picatinny rail for left handed shooters. The stock has an detachable magazine holder. There is a QD sling mount in the stock however I told them, since this is still in a prototype phase, to add a single point QD hole in the stock right above the shooter’s firing hand.

    They are looking at a late 2015 release of this system. MSRP is estimated to be $300.

    IMG_9364 IMG_9365


    Recover is also making an enhanced version of their 1911 Recover grips. It is called the BC3 Max. It is not an add on for the existing BC3 grips but an entirely new grp system. The BC3 Max adds side rails and a sight rail to the 1911. More interestingly is the dual mag holder. You push the mag release in and the mag on the left will drop down. Push the button again the the second mag will fall out sequentially. I asked the obvious elephant in the room question of “Won’t this be considered a vertical grip?”. They are already looking into it with their lawyers. It is a magazine holder. So maybe the ATF will use a similar judgement and wave the “For intended use only”. We shall see. No info on price or release date for obvious reasons.


    Recover even made a drop leg holster for the BC2 Max. It is a forward release draw out of the holster.



    The side rails also have thumb rests designed into them.



    Recover also has a holster for pistols with their recover grips. Below is the holster for a 1911 with their Recover Grips. You can mount any current pistol light and the holster can accommodate them. The draw from the holster is still a natural upward movement. The trigger guard has a rubber hinge so when the pistol is drawn out of the holster, the light pushes the trigger guard wings out of the way.

    The holster has active or passive retention. Active retention is like a serpa holster with an index finger paddle to release the gun from the holster. Their holsters are also ambidextrous. However these are options you choose when ordering. At the moment a lefty holster only comes in passive retention as it is using the same holster and relocating the paddle to the other side of the holster. They do have molle mounts and belt loops. The holster can be rotated for cant. There is a pre-order up right now for this holster. $59.99 on their website.



    Recover is also looking into making holsters for guns that do not utilize their recover grips. Here is a Glock holster. It requires the use of a rail adapter. The rail adapter provides picatinny rails and more importantly has a hole in the adapter to interact with the active retention of the holster. No information on price or release date for this holster.


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