New Flambeau HD Case Line

    Flambeau has been manufacturing injected molded products since 1947; 68 years ago their first creation was a bass lure, and in the years that have followed they’ve ramped up production to include everything from duck calls to turkey decoys to hard-sided gun cases. In 2015 their new products includes, among others, a new lines of lights and lanterns, a hen decoy in white, and this line of HD gun cases.

    The HD series of gun cases was designed by Flambeau to offer durable, well-made cases at reasonable prices. One of the things that gives this new line of cases an edge is Zerust, a rust protection process that works hand-in-hand with other features to offer your firearms extra protection on multiple levels.


    From Flambeau on Zerust:

    Foam lined gun cases are notorious for trapping moisture, leading to rust over time. Flambeau  Outdoors is changing that with a full line of weapon  cases and tackle boxes equipped with Zerust corrosion technology to 
    protect the investment of the everyday outdoorsman. 
    Zerust safely protects steel, aluminum, iron, brass, copper, nickel and silver. This corrosion
    technology has been proven in the automotive, electronics, marine, military, energy and waste 
    water industries in over 40 countries, and now the same protection used for transporting
    sensitive electronics and machine parts at sea is can protect your guns, bows and fishing tackle
    at home. 

    How It Works 

    Molded  directly into the plastic divider tabs in Flambeau Tuff Tainers and weapon cases, 
    the Zerust VCI Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor), when placed within an enclosure, 
    begins to emit an invisible, odorless, toxic vapor (approved by the FDA), which diffuses throughout 
    the tackle box or weapon case. These Zerust vapor molecules cling to metal surfaces, forming a barrier that seals out rust and corrosion until the metal object being stored is removed from the enclosure. After removal, the Zerust VCI molecules will vaporize from the metal, leaving it clean, dry and corrosion free. 


    The bright blue hinges on the HD series of gun cases indicates Zerust technology. Cases come in several sizes from an 11.75″ x 9″ pistol case to a large 42″ long rifle case. Each case has a pressure release screw for airline travel, over-molded handles, and thick foam lining. The rifle case also has wheels to make transporting your long guns easier.


    According to the rep I spoke to at the Flambeau booth at SHOT the idea behind these cases is to offer greater quality at a lower price. Taking a closer look at the cases I’d say they’ve succeeded, because these are clearly tougher, heavier cases for the price range. Although exact MSRP was not yet listed I am told it will be comparable to certain lines of low-cost cases, only with the far greater quality of Flambeau. If I’m able to find an exact MSRP I’ll update you guys since I’m sure you’d like to know.

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