To Hell and Back — Distressing by DuraCoat

    Duracoat has made a living by improving and preserving the look of your firearms, whether it’s clear coating to keep your shiny new gun shiny and new, bright colors to turn your serious gun in to a bright orange and green eye-catcher, or their new DuraBlue spay-on bluing that allows gun owner to apply a deep, glossy finish that looks and feels like the classic bluing of yesterday. So why are they now coming out with a kit to help you take your gun and make it look like crap?

    Because crappy-looking heavily-used guns that have seen the shit are where it’s at.

    DuraCoat’s new To Hell and Back Distressing Kit allows gun owners to turn their backyard range gun into a grizzled veteran that’s been through the Gallipoli Peninsula campaign, Omaha Beach, and Fallujah. Or at least look like it’s been.

    The kit includes cleaner/degreaser, distressing agent, sanding block, sandpaper, abrasive pad, and mission specific coating in either Desert Beige/Brown or Flat Dark Earth/Woodland Brown.

    DuraCoat clear coating can be applied to preserve the distressing if desired, or the finish will continue to distress with use.

    The To Hell and Back Distressing Kit retails for $59.95. Shellshock and Thousand Yard Stare not included.

    Shelby Murdoc

    Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and