Dry Film Lubricant from Sentry Solutions

    In most of the booths I visited I expected to just have a brief meet and greet, get shown a couple of new products, take a few pics, and be on my way. That was not the case at Sentry Solutions. I was invited into the booth and got to sit at an actual table in an actual chair (if you’ve been to SHOT you’ll appreciate things like that). The rep that I talked to (Mark Mrozek) then proceeded to give me a super detailed run down of the history of the product and all of the many ways it can be used (well beyond firearms applications). It was not at all like a sales meeting–he really took the time to really explain the product (well more than is appropriate for a highlight post for SHOT), and I appreciated that .

    The tl;dr for their product is that they believe the concept of a oily CLP is flawed. The usage of a wet lubricant is what attracts dirt and carbon (and creates carbon fouling), which then necessitates regular cleaning. Their product is more of an "LP"–it is a dry film lubricant that protects the surface of the material through chemical bonding. The metal surfaces then become non-stick (much like teflon, though not via the same mechanism). One of the other benefits is that there is nothing to thicken in the cold. The literature cites operational lubrication from -65 degrees F to 650 degrees F.

    The firearms product was first adapted for the battlefield in 1991, and has branched into a number of other usages (like knives and tools). I’m hoping to get some to T&E so I can see for myself–I’d love to not worry about cleaning or constantly feeding my weapons oil.

    Have any of you used their products? The firearms specific ones go under the product names of Smooth-Kote, BP-2000 Powder, and Hi-Slip Grease.

    They have a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account, and YouTube Channel

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