Christie’s Products Mag Loaders and 10/22 Customization Parts

    We had previously highlighted Christie’s Mag Loaders at SHOT 2013.  They were on my list to visit this year, and I was pleasantly surprised about their products.  I have been using the Lula for a while, and like it a lot, but the Christie’s loaders win out in sheer toughness, simplicity and cost.

    New this year are loaders for Glock 9mm and 10mm magazines.  They look very much like the Glock OEM speed loader except much beefier.  Operation is the same.

    They also carry a number of custom 10/22 parts including the above pictured charging handles, beefier springs and extended magazine releases.

    Has anyone here run any of their products on the 10/22?  I like to hear some “in the field” feedback.

    Christie’s is a small, family run business.  Their website is at

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