TriStar’s Turkish Gun Lineup

    TriStar, an importer of firearms from several Turkish factories, was showing off its lineup of budget shotguns and pistols at the 2015 SHOT Show:



    TriStar advertises the factory that makes their CZ-75-based handguns as “NATO approved” in their brochures. The guns did not have any obvious mechanical issues, and generally seemed to be well-made. TriStar advertises an MSRP of between $459 and $509 for the various models.


    TriStar imports two models of semi-automatic shotgun: The Viper G2 and Raptor series, a pump-action model, the Cobra, an over-under series, and a new single-shot line. The semi-automatic shotguns are made in two different factories, and come in clays, hunting, home defense, and a variety of youth models:



    Viper G2 shotguns


    Raptor shotguns, as well as TriStar’s new single-shot offerings at the bottom.


    As shown in this image of one of TriStar’s┬áCobra shotgun displays, TriStar offers a wide variety of youth models and styles.



    TriStar offers all its pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns in tactical or home defense guises.


    Over-unders imported by TriStar include both steel and aluminum receiver models, all with 3″ chambers. The least expensive Setter model has an MSRP of $529, and features an aluminum receiver. All TriStar over-unders feature special action sizes in each caliber. The Hunter model comes in 12,16, and 20 gauges, as well as .410 bore.




    Nathaniel F

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