Smith & Wesson Re-Skins the M&P and Offers Threaded Barrels

Edward O
by Edward O

M&P pistols will be available in two new colors in 2015, Tan and Carbon Fiber.

Range Kits with factory threaded barrels will also be available for the first time. For an extra $80, an additional barrel will be included directly from the factory. The 9mm barrel will have a 1/2″-28-2A thread, while the .45 barrel is .578″-28-2A pattern

The new colors will be available on both compact and fullsize guns chambered in 9mm or .40S&W.

Previously a tan chassis was exclusive to M&P .45’s and the VTAC edition guns.

The Carbon Fiber is a pattern, not a material change, and as a result is the same price as traditional black models.

Edward O
Edward O

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