SHOT Show 2015: TFB TV Coverage of the XD Mod2 .45ACP with Rob Leatham

    I had the opportunity to have Rob Leatham tell me about the new Springfield XD Mod 2 in .45ACP.  It’s an extremely tiny .45 considering it packs 9+1.  I will be honest guys, I have never owned an XD, but I was thoroughly impressed with the Mod 2 and how well this shot in spite of its diminutive size.  Mr. Leatham explained that the Mod 2 is so heavily modified from the standard XD that it is almost a new platform.

    It was an honor to shoot with Mr. Leatham, and I have two more videos with him discussing some new 1911 models.  The video quality is slightly better on YouTube and set to HD.  This was a run and gun video rig that was borrowed, expect my (James’) future TFBTV videos to be in either full bitrate 1080p (whatever the max bitrate is for YouTube is) or in 4K.

    Don’t forget to subscribe, guys!  I hope you like the video. Time was tight at Range Day (people were waiting to interview Rob) so the interview and shoot was all shot in one cut.  Thanks for checking it out.

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