New ESS Reaper Woods Eyewear

    ESS – Eye Safety Systems – was founded in 1998 and has a long history of providing the military and law enforcement communities with top-tier eye protection. All of ESS’ eyewear is ballistic rated, which is quite an impressive feat in itself, and their products are renowned for both durability and performance. The 17-year-old company is a subsidiary of Oakley and is the only authorized dealer for the US Marine Corps.


    Today Phil and I had the pleasure of sitting down with┬áMike Lyons, marketing director of Oakley Defense, and a designer from ESS to take a look at what to expect new in 2015 from ESS. In the spring we’ll be seeing ESS Reaper Woods eyewear hitting the market (pictured below). We tried on the Reaper Woods eyewear they had on site at their booth at SHOT, and it not only fit comfortably but provided a clear field of vision and unobstructed peripheral vision. This is high-quality eyewear from a stellar American company, and I,for one, am looking forward to its arrival this spring.


    Reaper Woods will be available with camo frames and three lense choices: gray, copper, and polarized. MSRP for gray will be $105; for copper $115; for polarized $150.

    Take a look at ESS’ website:


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