ALG Glock Optic Mount – SHOT Show Optic Preview

    While it’s not really an optic, I was very impressed by the new ALG 6-second Optic mount during the Media Day at the Range. The ALG mount is compatible with Aimpoint Micro T1/H1/T2 or any similar size mini red-dot sight that uses the same Aimpoint Micro mounting screw pattern.



    The ALG mount attached to the front 1913 rail on the Glock frame in the front and its rear mount replaces the trigger pin. Unlike the popular slide mounted setup, the mini Aimpoint mounted on the ALG mount doesn’t reciprocate. The new ALG mount was developed based on a request by the DoD.



    The ALG 6-second Optic mount will be available in 4 colors: Black, Tan, ALG Purple and Grey. I have talked ALG about offering this mount for other popular polymer pistols such as the S&W M&P, Springfield XD and the FNH FNP/FNX. I was told there’s a possibility in the future depends on how well the Glock version sells.




    2 very cool features at the front of the ALG mount. First is the replaceable blast shield on top that protects the optic’s front lens from muzzle blast and also keeping it clean. The 2nd is the metal rail section on the bottom, which is more rigid than the polymer rail. That helps to maintaining zero for a laser designator mounted on it.


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