Ultradot (The Best Little Red Dot You May Never Have Heard Of)

    I had never heard of Ultradot before today and am now very interested in giving their products a run.

    Ultradot has been around since 1989, producing their sights in Japan, and sponsoring an NRA Team at Camp Perry.  They had seven offerings at SHOT, and are in the $165-$300 price range. They keep prices low by not heavily advertising (and so pass the saving to the customer).

    The Original Matchdot features four dot sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 MOA) at 100 yards.  It is 5.1″ long and wieghs in at 5.1 oz.


    The Classic Ultradot (picture is the featured image for this article) and is their original model.  It is 5.1″ long and weighs 3.9 oz can comes in a 25mm and 30mm tube finished in black or silver satin.

    The HD Micro is their newest sight and has “Pulse Width Modulation” (which is a super fancy way of saying “insane battery life because engineers figured something new out”, basically it is a power modulator to the LED that significantly reduces power consumption).  It also boasts an auto-off feature, brightness control and memory, a 2 MOA dot, and a built in rail clamp.


    The Ultradot Pan AV a compact, lightweight waterproof and shockproof sight and will naturally achieve co-witness with standard AR sights.


    The Ultradot L/T is a high performance sight that is water-resistant and has a 4 MOA dot with an auto-off feature, brightness control and memory, and a built in rail clamp.


    The Ultradot 6 is their “tactical” model.  It has four dot sizes (2, 4, 6, and 8 MOA @ 100 yds) and two reticle patterns.  Elevation can be easily adjusted with a compensation knob.  It comes as either a 30mm or 37mm tube, and has precision windage and elevation adjustments at 1/2 MOA/click.


    The Matchdot II has four dot sizes (2, 4, 6, and 8 MOA @ 100 yds) and two reticle patterns and only comes in a 30mm tube.


    Overall they are a pretty neat company, and I look forward to trying out some of their products.

    Website: http://ultradotusa.com/


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